Welcome to the new website for SR-6 Venturing! We’ve worked hard to make this your ultimate resource for all things pertaining to Venturing in Kentucky, Tennessee, half of Mississippi, and the additional counties which are part of SR-6.

The SR-6 Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) exists to serve the VOAs in each member council, and, by extension, the Venturing membership at large. To help you find information quickly, we’ve added a bunch of features to this website. If you’re curious about the other councils in SR-6, just check out the map on the Member Councils page. If you want to meet your SR-6 VOA officers and advisors, head over to the VOA Leadership page. There’s a calendar of area and council events, information about the new SR-6 event SOAR, and forms where you can submit your council’s events and even request an SR-6 VOA officer to come to your event.

We’re looking to constantly improve this website for you and the other Venturers in SR-6. If you have any suggestions or comments (or you find a bug!), just drop us a line. And if you’re interested in helping out with the website or other aspects of SR-6 Venturing communications, please let us know!

Enjoy the new website!

Your SR-6 VOA