Administering the Venturing program can be challenging, so we’ve assembled a list of commonly-used resources to help you out. As always, check the national Venturing website for these and other helpful resources.

Crew Resources

These resources exist on the national Venturing website to help you start a crew, recruit new members into your crew, and stir up interest in Venturing.

VOA Administration Resources

Since the primary purpose of the area VOA is to support council VOAs, we’ve added several resources to help you start or run your council’s VOA. You can also find VOA resources on the national Venturing website.

Submit a Council Event

Want to have your council VOA’s event featured on the SR-6 calendar? Just fill out this form and we’ll review it.

Request an SR-6 Officer

SR-6 VOA officers love coming to council events across the area to meet Venturers and spread awareness for the Venturing program! Use this form to request an officer (or two, or three) to come to your event.